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Basic Literacy
Matching Courses
Permanent Course Number Course Title
Ability to give technical presentations and write research reports or papers ILE5011 Independent Study
ILE5012Image Processing
ILE5015Computer Vision
ILE5019Biomedical Signal Processing
ILE5024Non-Photorealistic Rendering
ILE5025Image-based Modeling and Rendering
ILE5030Computer Animation and Special Effects
ILE5031Digital Gaming and Artificial Intelligence
ILE5037Neural Networks
ILE5039Digital Television System design
ILE50433D Game Porgramming
ILE50433D Game Programming
ILE5044Digital Gaming and Learning
ILE5045Special Topics in Digital Entertainment and Arts -Game Design
ILE5048Seminars -Multimedia and Biomedical Engineering
ILE50493D Biomedical Graphics Electronic System Application Projects
ILE5050Interactive shape manipulation
ILE5053Digital video broadcasting and streaming
ILE5054Internet TV system and TV program design
ILE5055Entrepreneurship Realization
ILE5056App Entrepreneurship and Implementation
ILE5059Image Processing
ILE5060Vehicular Vision System
ILE5061Video streaming and tracking
ILE5062Computer Vision
ILE5063Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality